You are showing 100 out of 1642 references. Total references: 1642
ItalyAlcanDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes31991
MexicoDe AceroCSTOverhead cranes41991
ItalyBrindisi Amm.Reggiane spa - ItalyHarbors cranes Italy11991
ItalyGelaCeretti Tanfani - ItalyHarbors cranes Italy11991
Great BritainIsle of Grain Term.StockingOMG - ItalyHarbors cranes11991
CyprusTerminalCeretti Tanfani - ItalyHarbors cranes11991
VenezuelaTerminalItalimpianti - ItalyHarbors cranes11991
ItalyMonfalconeDanieli spa - ItalyIntermodale - RTG RMG11991
ItalyLa Spezia - ENELItalimpianti - ItalyIntermodale - RTG RMG11991
ItalyFiumeSanto-StackerReclaimerItalimpianti - ItalyIntermodale - RTG RMG11991
ItalyBrindisiReggiane omi - ItalyIntermodale - RTG RMG11991
ItalyVenice - ENELCostamasnaga - ItalyIntermodale - RTG RMG11991
Saudi ArabiaHadeedDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes81990
United States of AmericaCascadeDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes31990
ChinaTianjinDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes31990
ItalyGenoa port - Terminal Nino Ronco Cont.---Harbors cranes Italy41990
ItalyLivorno - Terminal Amm.---Harbors cranes Italy11990
ItalyVenice - Terminal Italiana Coke---Harbors cranes Italy21990
ItalyRavenna - Terminal Setramar---Harbors cranes Italy21990
ItalySardegnaAEG - ItalyHarbors cranes Italy21990
ChinaLiyangAnsaldo - ItalyHarbors cranes21990
MoroccoCasablanca TerminalOMG - ItalyHarbors cranes11990
MozanbiqueMozanbiqueAnsaldo - ItalyHarbors cranes21990
TaiwanKoahsiungAnsaldo - ItalyOverhead cranes21989
Great BritainIsle of Grain Term.StockingOMG - ItalyHarbors cranes31989
ItalyGenoa FincantieriAnsaldo - ItalyShipyard / Jib crane21989
ItalyLivorno FincantieriAnsaldo - ItalyShipyard / Jib crane21989
VenezuelaSidorBadoni - ItalyOverhead cranes91988
ItalyLa Spezia - Terminal ContshipMGM - ItalyHarbors cranes Italy41988
United States of AmericaLong Beach TerminalMGM - ItalyHarbors cranes11988
Great BritainWalton Terminal WCTLMGM - ItalyHarbors cranes11988
Great BritainWalton Terminal WCTLMGM - ItalyHarbors cranes11988
Great BritainIsle of Grain Term.StockingOMG - ItalyHarbors cranes61988
ItalyGenoa FincantieriAnsaldo - ItalyShipyard / Jib crane41988
ChinaShangayAnsaldo - ItalyOverhead cranes21987
UssrMicordDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes11986
UssrSumyMannesmann - ItalyOverhead cranes71986
UssrSumyDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes81986
UssrVoljskyDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes121986
MexicoDe AceroDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes81985
EgyptEl Dikheila W.R.W.Danieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes61985
ItalyTaranto - ItalsiderDanieli I.T.I - ItalyOverhead cranes11985

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